Lena Krušec, Tomaž Krušec, Vid Kurinčič

Project team

Zala Likavec, Jurij Nemec


Miran Kambič

Wooden house

The house is located in Mengeš and is intended for a family of four.

Wood played an essential role in all stages of the construction. It was first used as a formwork for the construction of the primary load-bearing concrete structure, which at the same time forms the characteristic facade of the house. The imprint of the brushed boards used for the formwork with their distinct grooves creates a recognizable texture of the concrete facade. The scrap wooden boards were later cleaned and used both in the execution of the non see through parts of the facade as well as other parts of the interior of the house. The interior walls and slabs are made entirely from wood and are fixed into the outer concrete construction.

Inside the concrete shell, which is the only load-bearing structure of the building, everything is made of wood: floors, walls and furniture. All this is suspended from the outer shell, supported by only four elegant slopes, leaving the ground floor open and bright.

The image of the finished building is thus a direct reflection of the characteristic structural design of the building.

The construction of the house was carried out in the reverse order as usual, since at a certain moment the only element on the construction site was the outer shell of the building – the facade. It enclosed the empty interior of the house, directing the viewer view towards the sky. The motif of the perceptual connection between the sky and the earth is also preserved in the built house, where the glass roof above the gallery and the living room frames the view towards the sky, and the glass walls on the façade point towards the surrounding landscape.